PIVC Cannulation, I/V Infusion Therapy and Cannula removal

Credit Hours: 5

Introduction of the course

PIVC cannulation is a skill that is central to manage patients efficiently as many times patient is unable to consume medications orally or even consume fluids. Emergency situations like these or planned OPD procedures may not leave an option for professionals but to use ‘Parenteral’ route.


At the end of the course the learner would be able to:

  • Understand the principles behind PIVC insertion
  • Demonstrate the skill of performing PIVC insertion
  • Understand the procedure of IV infusion therapy
  • Perform the procedure of IV infusion therapy
  • Understand the concepts related to cannula removal
  • Perform the skill of cannula removal efficiently

Instructor: Ms. Medha Verma – Senior Manager – Nursing Education, Bodhi Health Education           

Facility: Ganga Ram School of Nursing, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi

Credit Hours: 5
Module Fee: INR 300

Credit Hours: 5