Airway Management

Credit Hours: 10

Introduction of the course:

The management of the airway and ventilation is a vital component in the resuscitation of patients with respiratory and cardiac arrest.  The ability to establish and maintain an open airway in a patient, and the ability to ensure adequate ventilation and oxygenation of the patient, are therefore essential skills for physicians as well as nurses.

The module can be utilized by the nurses working in critical care area, emergency room and nursing students.

Objective of the Course

The learner will gain knowledge and develop hands-on skills on various modalities for airway management.

Instructor: Ms. Tarika Sharma, Asst. Prof, College of Nursing, Institute of Liver and Biliary Science, Delhi

Facility: Institute of Liver and Biliary Science, Delhi 

Credit Hours: 10
Module Fee: INR 300

Credit Hours: 10