Perioperative Nursing and Safe Surgery

Credit Hours: 10

Perioperative nursing is the field of nursing that deals with providing care to patients who are scheduled for surgery. Surgical procedures are intended to save life or restore functioning in individuals. However, unsafe surgical care can cause substantial harm to the patient. Joint Commission International (JCI) has developed the International Patient Safety Goals (IPSG) to address these patient safety concerns. IPSG-4 focuses on ensuring safe surgery which includes surgical safety checklist and site marking procedures. These safe surgery practices help to prevent various complications. The nurses work closely with the surgeons, anesthetists, technicians, physiotherapists, spiritual counselor’s etc and the nursing process is an integral part of patient care in the perioperative setting and includes performing a nursing assessment and planning care of the patient accordingly. Therefore, it is essential for a nurse to be aware of his responsibilities in preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative periods for safe surgery of a patient.


At the end of the module the learner will be able to:

  • Differentiate the phases of preoperative care.
  • Define the types and categories of surgery.
  • Identify the preoperative assessment.
  • Develop a preoperative teaching plan
  • Describe preoperative preparation
  • Describe the goals of the intraoperative and postoperative period.
  • Differentiate between unrestricted area, semi-restricted area, and restricted area.
  • Explain the responsibility of scrub nurse and circulatory nurse.
  • Enlist the various positions given to the patient during surgery.
  • Manage the patient during the post-operative period.
  • Identify the post-operative complication
  • Reduce microorganisms (resident and transient) at the surgical site prior to incision.
  • Minimize microbial growth pre, post and during the surgical procedure
  • Minimize the probability of surgical site infection (post procedure)
  • Improve patient safety standards by ensuring correct-site, correct-procedure, correct-patient surgery


1. Ms. Jyoti, Associate Professor, College Of Nursing GMCH Chandigarh.

2. Ms. Amandeep, Lecturer, M.M College of Nursing, Maharishi Markandeshwar Deemed to be University, Mullana Ambala, Haryana.

3. Ms. Bindu Joseph, Lecturer, M.M College of Nursing, Maharishi Markandeshwar Deemed to be University, Mullana Ambala, Haryana.


Maharishi Markandeshwar Deemed to be University (MMU), Mullana, Ambala

Credit Hours: 10
Module Fee: INR 300

Credit Hours: 10